Characteristics of USRIOT I/O Network controller

Network IO controller is a device to realize remote acquisition and control in industrial projects, generally IO network controller provides functions such as switching value input acquisition, relay output, pulse counting, etc. IO network controller has RS485 serial ports for easy access to terminal equipment. At the same time, it can select different networking ways such as GPRS, WIFI, Ethernet, which can be used in more projects environment.


Take the 8-way IO network controller USR-IO808 developed and produced by USRIOT, Chinese IOT giant, as an example.


It has the following characteristics:

1. Support transparent transmission cloud, directly realize remote control after power-on.

After the IO device interface is connected, it can be connected to the transparent transmission cloud through the PC or mobile terminal to realize remote control of the terminal device, which is easy to use. After power-on, IO network device can directly realize remote control through the transparent transmission cloud. The light control state can be realized through the PC terminal or the APP terminal, or the light can also be directly switched on or off through the local switch. It is convenient for all-weather, multi-faceted monitoring of the scene, real-time control of the overall situation, saving manpower and material costs.


2.Adaptive Modbus TCP/RTU protocol transmission

Automatically identify the Moubus RTU/TCP protocol transmitted by the network, and perform data reply according to the received protocol to realize that post back what format data is returned.


3.Free selection of master/slave work mode

In addition, condition control, freely set IO hold status, support for FTP self-upgrade, EWR integrated router function, hardware protection, electric fast pulse group-EFT, electrostatic protection-ESD, watchdog and other features also give some edges.

Network IO controller realizes remote street light monitoring being connected to USR transparent transmission cloud through the IO device, which is convenient for controlling and recording the device status in the cloud, thereby ensuring the overall lighting rate and bringing good management and environmental benefits. If you think that this is the best skills of the IO network controller, then you would underestimate it. In addition to the intelligent street light system, at present, network IO controller contributes a lot to proposing solutions of configuration software, industrial automation, intelligent hotel management, self-service terminals, distribution boxes and other areas.

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