What is industrial RTU?

RTU is the basic composition unit of the SCADA system. RTU is an electronic device installed at a remote site to monitor, measure, and collect sensors and equipment installed at remote sites, responsible for monitoring and controlling live signals and industrial equipment. RTU converts the measured status or signal into a data format that can be sent over the communication media, it also converts the data that is sent from the central computer into commands to realize functional control of the device.


RTU is the abbreviation of Remote Terminal Unit, also the basic composition unit of the SCADA system. One RTU can have several, dozens or hundreds of I/O points that can be placed near the measurement point. RTU should have at least the following two functions: data acquisition and processing, data transmission (network communication), of course, many RTUs also have PID control function or logic control function, traffic accumulation function, etc.

As a product reflecting the idea of “measurement and control dispersion and management concentration”, Remote Terminal Unit RTU has been widely applied since it was introduced in the 1980s.