Data is transmitted to V-COM through serial to ethernet converter USR-TCP232-302

The test is using 1 PC to test the USR-TCP232-302(low cost RS232 serial to ethernet converter).You can send the data with Ethernet and receive with serial port. And you also can send data with serial port and receive with Ethernet.

1.PC and 302 connect to the router through the network cable, 304 serial connection sensor.

2.Open V-COM, and add a v-com, set it work at “TCP server”, define a local port.

add V-COM to serial to ethernet converter-USR-TCP232-302

Figure 1 add V-COM


3.Setup 302 by USR-M0.exe, IP:DHCP/Auto IP, work mode: TCP Client, remote IP: IP), remote port:8234(V-COM port), then save config.

setup serial to ethernet converter-USR-TCP232-302

Figure 3 setup 302

4.Open two USR-TCP232-TEST.exe, one is COM1(V-COM),another is COM11(302’s serial port).

Actually, you just need to open a TCP232-TEST (V-VOM) because your sensor connects to 302 and sends data to 302 through the serial port. Because I didn't have a sensor to do the test, I connected the 302 serial port to the computer and sent the data to simulate the sensor.

Now the data can interact.

data interact, serial to ethernet converter-USR-TCP232-302

Figure 3 data interact.