Does the modem with network port support cloud services?

Modem is used to facilitate machine-to-machine or IOT device communication. It is a safe and reliable solution for connecting remote industrial machines. Its powerful cellular network connection supports 4G, usually it has Ethernet port, or network port (Some modems only need to convert between Ethernet and cellular networks in order to reduce costs, so it has no LAN/WAN network port.), can provide consistent data connectivity form to make downtime be the past.


Powerful industrial design means that it can provide the optimum performance even in extreme weather conditions to make your work not affected. The device can withstand any temperature from -30 degrees Celsius to +70 degrees Celsius, and the protection level of its external metal cover is IP30.


The modem device can also be used as a gateway to send AT commands over Ethernet through a Telnet session to transmit information to the remote server. This is a solution for telemetry and remote applications, if it is necessary to go through a public cloud server, USR can also provide software services. The most obvious features include its ability to connect to a transparent cloud and act as an SMS gateway while still acting as an IP gateway while providing an Internet connection to wireless sensors and wired devices over a LAN connection.


The 4G modem with port shall be at least 1 WAN/LAN interface with routing function, built-in firewall improves security, at the same time, wide range of input voltages from a minimum of 5 VDC to a maximum of 36 VDC increases availability. FTP upgrade enables remote reception of firmware updates and plans to upgrade with other communication protocols in the near future. Currently TCP protocol conversion predominates.