The role that industrial 4G routers can play in the emergency plan for sudden power outages in super

Industrial 4G router( manager can help you ensure your network is always online. At present, many large shopping malls are using industrial 4G routers every day. Industrial 4G routers are easy to deploy, easy to manage, and can be expanded to thousands of stores.


Applications in modern stores rely on connections from local data racks to centralized data center stores, deploying thousands of IoT sensors and beacons. The location of the items to sell can be tracked; the digital price tag can be changed; the surveillance video can be viewed in real time, and the coupon can be pushed to the customer's mobile phone when the customer enters the store.


With 4G industrial router networking, products can be managed remotely, you or system administrators can access all your stores through a 24 x 7 hours remote network.


Embedded intelligent management at the edge of the network analyzes network performance, immediately reports potential failures, and automatically detects and fixes common problems. From your communication network to your power and IT infrastructure and physical environment, this intelligent management can help you fix a problem before it becomes a network failure.


In the event that a network outage occurs, the cellular network will recover in a few seconds and your store will automatically switch from the WAN to the 4G-LTE cellular connection to ensure they remain online and operational.


The industrial 4G router solution can also be used to remotely the first-day configuration of the new store. Even before establishing a primary WAN connection, your device can be used to conduct zero-touch configuration to configure a network device over a cellular connection. This is especially effective for new network opening and mobile commerce locations( such as pop-up stores and self-service terminals). Remote server monitoring personnel can also implement  troubleshooting.