Dropout and Re-connection Problems of Serial Device Server

The serial device server has dropout and re-connection problems every once in a while:

Every once in a while, dropout and re-connection happen  Reasons:  maybe Telnet Timeout has a non-zero value and there is no data communication.    The serial device server has an IP address conflict with other devices.   For module products, such as TCP232-ED, TCP232-S, TCP232-D, in actual application, you need to select the corresponding RJ45 (whether it has network transformer), otherwise the network signal will be abnormal. See the hardware description of each model for more details.   

Firewall problem, the firewall is not turned off.   

The problem that turns on multiple network cards, please check the network adapter location, check that how many network cards that are enabled, and disable the remaining network cards.   

The power supply is insufficient, or the power supply ripple is too large. You can try a better power supply.    

In firmware version 2011 and later, the telnet timeout parameter is no longer used, but the underlying Keep alive is used to identify a disconnection.