Features and Differences between Serial to Ethernet Products?

How to choose serial to ethernet products?

1.Embedded Ethernet Modules

High performance series,  High reliability series

Serial to ethernet can realize bi-directional transparent transmission without user’s care about details of products, ethernet module can finish protocol conversion itself. Hardware of ethernet module is Integrated embedded circuit board which is convenient to integrate into user’s products.


Socket transparent transmission, HTTPD and MQTT transmissions.

Heartbeat package mechanism to ensure connection is reliable,

User-defined registration package mechanism, check connection status and use as custom packet header

Set parameters through webpage and serial AT command

The difference between ethernet module series

Chip resource: High performance series can realize complicated digital transmission functions.

Digital transmission cache: High performance series of embedded ethernet modules has a great capacity of data cache which can make digital transmission more reliable.

Application scenarios:

Smart home, security door access, school attendance system etc.


2.Serial to ethernet converter

High performance series, high reliability series, high performance multiple serial ports series.

It is easy to set and only to provide electricity to serial to ethernet converter which can transmit digital transmission. Serial to ethernet converter integrate with industrial devices and to realize bidirectional digital transmission.   


Socket transparent transmission, HTTPD and MQTT transmissions.

Industrial grade design, optimized TCP/IP network protocol, stable and reliable digital transmission.

Built-in webpage, also can customize web-page for users.

The difference between serial to ethernet converter series.

Serial port numbers: independent RS232/485 seial ports, integrated RS232/482/422 serial ports for choose, multiple serial ports.

Abundant Functions: High performance series serial to ethernet converter with abundant hardware resources which can realize complicated digital transmission and handling functions.

Application scenarios

Electricity fire alarm alert, smart environment control, generator room monitoring etc.


3. Serial to WiFi converter

High performance series, high reliability series.

Serial to WiFi, serial to ethernet, ethernet to WiFi, transmit serial data to TCP/IP internet data, realize bidirectional transmission.


Multiple networking modes, it can realize serial bidirectional transparent transmission between RS232/RS485 and WIFI, WiFi and Ethernet, Serial and Ethernet.

Hardware watchdog, stable system.

Fast networking protocol, AT commands and other networking configuration ways.

The difference between serial to Wifi Converters

Serial port numbers: independent RS232 or RS485 seial ports, RJ45 interfaces.

WiFi Carrying capacity: can carry difference numbers of terminal as AP mode.

Application Scenarios:

Data collection of industrial devices, automatic production line control.