How to Carry Out Network Backup for Industrial 4g Dual-card Router?

Network backup is an effective means to protect data such as intangible assets, preventing the cases that the network system fails and files can not be retrieved. Industrial 4g dual-card router is mainly used to implement networking functions, and also provides network backup function for data protection.


What are the steps for setting up network backup for an industrial 4g dual-card router?


The network backup uses the ping command to judge whether the network is healthy or not in the order of backup priority. It is started in the system's scheduled task. Mode selection:cable preferred, hot mode and cold mode (default is hot mode).

 set up network backup for industrial 4g dual-card router


Cable preferred: when cable preferred is selected in the APN setting, it will first detect whether the cable can be pinged. If yes, use cable, otherwise, use 4G.


Hot mode: When the hot mode is selected in the configuration of the APN’s SIM card working mode, the two 4G modules will be connected to the network at the same time, but currently only use the SIM card 1 to access the Internet. When the SIM card 1 cannot be connected to the network, check the SIM card 2 again for networking.


Cold mode: When the cold mode is selected in the configuration of APN's SIM card working mode, only one 4G network will be activated. When SIM card 1 cannot be connected to the network, SIM card 2 is started to be networked. (SIM card 2 does not start by default).