How to Choose a Reliable Modem?

The step of choosing a good modem:

1.Is the modem function adequate? Such as support: Dynamic domain name, main and standby center, wake up, SMS channel, remote figuration, remote updates etc.


2.How to choose internet operator? You can choose the operator according to your environment signal.

3. Can the communication interface meet your demand? You’d better choose the modem which can connect interface, it is convenience to connect also the modem is solid. If the modem support more interface, so the modem have more advantages, such as: RS232, RS485, RS422, TTL etc.

4.Finally, make sure the product meet the industrial grade standard, such as wide temperature, wide voltage, anti-power protection, and anti-lightning strike, electrostatic protection function. If you choose the right industrial grade modem which has long service life and high stability,also it is convenience to upgrate. You can save the cost of maintenance and keep the low failure.

5. There are so many modem company now, including a lots of commercial grade product. USRIOT’s quality modem, specialized in solve common industrial modem stability issues.


Modem is widely used in electric power, environment protection, LED information publish, logistics, hydrology, meteorological phenomena field. Although the application fields are different, but the application principle is the same. Most of the modems are connect to the industry devices, such as PLC, singlechip, First modem connect to the automatic product, and then modem start a wireless communication with the background.


With the development of Internet, modem is used more and more widely. It provides information and industry convergence for various industries and industries.