How to Improve the Service Life of Industrial 4G Routers?

Compared with ordinary routers, industrial wireless routers have longer service life and  better quality. Although outdoor routers have certain anti-external force and corrosion resistance, it will provide its failure rate if it is in a harsh environment for a long time. How to improve the service life of industrial routers?


1.Ensure that the router performs continuous and stable heat dissipation

Through the investigation of damage accidents of high-quality industrial 4G routers, it shows that most of the damage accidents occurs in summer. Due to the high ambient temperature in the summer and the long-term high-speed operation of the router, the 24-hour uninterrupted operation brings great pressure and load to heat dissipation. Only by ensuring the continuous and stable heat dissipation of the industrial 4G router can the life expectancy be improved and the long-term stable operation can be guaranteed.


2.Avoid frequent handling

industrial 4G routers should be in the same position after installation, and the position should be flat and without excessive vibration. Under no special circumstances, try not to frequently move industrial 4G routers, avoiding internal confusion of internal components due to oscillations, which may affect heat dissipation or work stability, whether industrial routers or ordinary home routers should be avoid frequent handling.


3.Timely rest adjustment

In principle, reputable industrial 4G routers need to run continuously all the year round. However, its power supply can be cut off to leave it in a rest state under the unused state in daily life, and it is not necessary to disconnect the power supply frequently. For example, set a day off or a fixed time every month and every quarter to make it have a full rest for one to two hours and then continue to work, in order to improve the life of industrial 4G routers.


There are many ways to maintain an industrial grade 4G router. It needs to be determined according to the actual usage. Each user does not need to maintain deliberately. Simply selecting the targeted maintenance method will be OK according to the changes in the space environment conditions and the frequency of use and the harshness of the space environment. Timely adjustment and maintenance techniques aims to extend the life of the industrial router.