How to Set Serial Device Server?

How to set serial device server? Observe the following dos and don'ts:

Serial device server is a device which can realize bidirectional transmission of internet data. Usually people select different RS485, RS232, RS422 serial ports of serial device server based their different projects. It is necessary to write an article that introduces setting process of serial device server for many users who don’t know how to set serial device server and think read user’s manual is a trouble thing.

Before setting serial device server, first through a computer to test the serial device.

Second, connect serial ports of serial device server to computer through Serial port line (or usb to serial port line)

Third, connect serial device server’s serial line and computer’s ports through network line.

Fourth, after connect the power, check whether serial device server can work or not.

It is important to note that connection lines and accessories are best equipped with USRIOT’s accessories.

If the test equipment can work normally, connect the serial port of the serial device server with the network, and then download the corresponding setup software in the official website for use. For example, the default parameters for serial port server USR-TCP232-410s settings are as follows.


When setting the serial device server, there are some notes deserve to be mentioned:

1.Because of USR-TCP232 series serial device server is not support cross network segment communication, so it’s better to guarantee that modules of computer and serial device server better to keep the IP same network segment when setting the serial device server.

2. It is better to turn off the firewall and antivirus software on your computer when setting serial device server in order to reduce the signal interference.

3.In order to maintain the uniqueness of the network IP, it is necessary to screen the other gateways of the computer, leaving the only gateway connected by the computer and the serial device server network line.

4.Before using the serial device server, it is necessary to clear whether the serial device device to be connected by the serial device is the ordinary serial port, or the serial port supports Modbus RTU protocol. What should be noted here is that USRIOT’s industrial serial device server(M4 series) that supports Modbus protocol, USRIOT’s low-cost series (M0 series) that does not support the Modbus protocol.

5.Before the TCP server and TCP client modes are established, you need to know how to connect the destination IP, local IP, remote port and the usage logic of the local port.