How to Transmit Data from Cisco Router to PC through Serial to Ethernet Converter?

USRIOT's Low-Cost RS232 Serial to Ethernet Converter USR-TCP232-302, which is small size and can be easily installed. Here is the question: How to transmit data from cisco router to pc through serial to etherner converter USR-TCP232-302?


when user want to transmit data from cisco router to pc, please follow that:

if user connect USR-TCP232-302 to switch, user should make USR-TCP232-302 work at DHCP, the pc should be in the same network segment;

if user connect USR-TCP232-302 to pc directly, USR-TCP232-302 need work at static

user can creat one V-COM on pc, set the vcom work at TCP Client mode, the remote IP: of 302), remote port 23


The following article is about transmit data to V-COM through USR-TCP232-302:

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