How to Choose the Industrial Router?

At present, there are dozens of industrial router manufacturers and brands in China. It is hard for the purchasers to choose the good industrial 4g router. Because it’s not the bigger supplier is, the good supplier is, also it is not the higher price is, the good quality is. I suggest you choose the industrial router from the following aspects:


1. Price

Price is an important factor for the purchaser to consider. Industrial 4G routers tend to be transparent in both hardware and functions, it is unacceptable to overcharge. So choose a reasonable price, achieve win-win situation is the best choice.


2. Product Features

At present, the functions of the router produced by different manufacturers are the same, while some manufacturers cannot produce the router with static routing or IPSec functions. The industrial router can not only support mainstream APN, VPN/PPTP/L2TP/IPSec but also supports static routing, etc. More than that, The manufacturer of the router also have developed smartlink remote PLC control software to solve the problems of PLC remote debugging, PLC remote monitoring and PLC remote downloading program for customers, which can improve extra value of industrial router greatly.


3.Product scalability.

USB interface, multi-network port, full network communication, and some customized protocols, secondary development of SDK functions.


4.Technical ability.

Technical ability is reflected in three aspects: first, whether there is their own unique technology; Second, can quickly implement the new plan proposed by the customer; Third, can provide technical support quickly.