The Application and Advantages of Industrial 4G Router in Smart City

Application of IoT in Smart City

Smart city combines city lighting, city traffic, waste water treatment, emergency service and traffic management etc. With the development of technology, the new application of IoT will appear in large numbers.


City Lighting

City lighting is a common application in smart city IoT. Nowadays many cities are using wireless communication to save the cost and reduce waste of energy.

Now a lots of cities are turning smart city lighting into reality. For instance, a customer of USRIOT has developed a lighting solution which include intelligent rod internal power supply, communication, sensor, and other smart equipment. The lighting solution are integrated industrial 4g router into several device nodes to provide data connection and data routing.   


Application of Environment and Waste Water Management

Industrial 4G router which combines the sensor application with the demand of water management in smart city from the waste water monitoring to environment repair project. With the demand of local organization and government seeking optimize old infrastructure, increase efficiency of the water management so as to deduce the cost of monitoring and maintaining, this IoT application is growing.    


There are various application in this field, here follows two application:

As example, a smart equipment company which located in the north of China provides water treatment solution to their industrial customer, they have developed a whole set of IoT solution which based industrial 4G router have replaced their old system. The target is to strength the ability to acquitting real data.

This project is used 300 connected controllers and sensors in their site, the company hope those controllers and sensors can connected into the whole set of solution. This project has designed a whole set of solution by uses industrial 4g routers and sensors which produced by USRIOT. Through connecting devices by remote control, this solution has increased the efficiency of water supply line and deduced the transport cost because of the trucks and technicians is reduced.


Another application is a company which engaged in environment consulting. The company had used complicated information system to collect and estimate environment data, such as underwater analysis, they also provide suggestion to their customers. But they have a need: a solution which can simplify data collecting process. Their team didn’t sent employees to  remote places to test and collect data, while they adopted automation technique, so that they can save the cost, on the other hand, the data is more accurate.


The seismic data acquisition can transmit data through USR CLOUD which can save time and money.