What is Serial Device Server?

What is Serial Device Server?

Serial device server provides serial port to network function, which can convert the RS-232/485/422 serial port into TCP/IP network interface, realizing bidirectional transparent  transmission of data between RS-232/485/422 serial port and TCP/IP network interface. It enables the serial device to immediately have the TCP/IP network interface function, connect the network for data communication, and greatly expand the communication distance of the serial device.

The working mode of serial device server

1. TCP/UDP communication mode: In this mode, the serial server is used in pairs, one as the server terminal and one as the client terminal, and the two establish a connection through the IP address and the port number to realize the bidirectional transparent transmission of data. This mode is suitable for retrofitting a bus connection between two serial devices to a TCP/IP network connection.

2. Use virtual serial communication mode: In this mode, one or more converters establish a connection with a computer to support bidirectional transparent transmission of data. The following converters can be managed by the virtual serial port software on the computer, which can realize one virtual serial port corresponding to multiple converters, and N virtual serial ports corresponding to M converters (N<=M). This mode is suitable for serial port devices connected by computer-controlled 485 bus or 232 devices.

3. Network-based communication mode: In this mode, the application on the computer writes the communication program based on the SOCKET protocol, and directly select to support the SOCKET protocol on the converter settings.

Serial to Ethernet module

The serial to Ethernet module integrates 10/100M adaptive Ethernet interface. The maximum baud rate of serial communication is up to 256Kbps. It has TCP Client and UDP working mode and can be easily configured through software.


The difference between serial server and serial to Ethernet module

1.From the appearanc

The serial port server is a serial port to Ethernet module plus a casing, which has electromagnetic isolation function.

2.From the volume

The volume of the serial to Ethernet module is about 44×32×15mm, and the volume of the serial server is about 95×84×25mm.

3.From the price

The price of the serial-to-Ethernet module is half the price of the serial server. Once the user passes the test, it will be purchased in large quantities. There are big differences in product quality and service between manufacturers with different prices. Therefore, there will be some discrepancies in price.

4.From the function

The functions of the serial server and the serial to Ethernet module are exactly the same.

In summary, if your serial device is a ready-made device and the device chassis cannot be opened and the module can not be placed in, then you can choose a serial server, which can be used externally. However, the price is relatively high.

If you are the manufacturer of the serial device and have the ability to reassemble the design equipment, and the amount is large, if you need to reduce the cost, you can consider using the serial port to Ethernet module and embedding the module into the interior of your device.