About CC3200 Wifi Module

CC3200 Wifi Module Description

CC3200 wifi module is a low-power 802.11 b/g/n module,which is designed for realizing wireless network communication of embedded system.Users can connect a physical device to a wifi network by means of CC3200 wifi module, so as to realize the control and management of IOT.

ti wifi module

The hardware of CC3200 wifi module is integrated with MAC, baseband chip, RF transceiver unit and power amplifier. CC3200 wifi module is based on CC3200 chip of TI company, which has industrial ARM Cortex-M4 core, ultra-low power operation mechanism and running frequency of 80 MHZ. CC3200 Wifi module supports WiFi protocol and TCP/IP protocol.User can achieve the function of UART devices connecting to the Internet with simple configuration.

CC3200 wifi module has small size, so it is easy to weld CC3200 wifi module in hardware circuit. And CC3200 wifi module has internal antenna version and external antenna version, users can choose either internal antenna or external antenna.

CC3200 Wifi Module Function

1. CC3200 wifi module Can work in both AP mode and STA mode.

2. CC3200 wifi module supports Socket communication links, TCP/UDP transmission,HTTPD Client, WEB sockets and SSL Client communication. And there are four settings including TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Server and UDP Client in TCP/UDP transmission mode.

3. CC3200 wifi module supports UART transmission, can use AT commands for arbitrary switching.

CC3200 Wifi Module Application

Cloud connection, home automation, household appliances, access control, security systems, intelligent energy, Internet gateway, industrial control, intelligent socket box, instrument metering, wireless audio and network sensor node.