Across The Network Segment Problem of USR-TCP232-T24 Series

Across the network segment problem


1.If the device IP communication with PC network segment are not identical, equipment and PC are connected between the router and then the two devices is unable to communicate.
serial server IP address:
subnet mask:
PC IP address:
subnet mask:
For equipment IP, leads to web pages on the PC cannot accessequipment, also can't ping it。
If you want to both to communicate, you need to change the IP of equipment to 192.168.0. X, so you can login module page.
2:After the upgrade firmware, web page can't open, etc. After the upgrade firmware, web page can't open, Can't search module of IP
Solution:Restore factory Settings
3:Use the setup software search for devices,Prompt port occupied Please check whether the open two set software, need to shut down one of the software interface
4:Why the serial server cannot connect to public server under client
Pls ensure that multi-NIC or firewall is disabled.
pls check the gateway address when visiting outside server. Generally, it should be the
IP adress of the router. the gateway setting of module should be same with router's.
If still not work, pls do TCP Client test with our USR-TCP232-Test software, connect to
server and check whether it is connected