Application Case of 4G Industrial Router in Remote Monitoring of Medical Equipment

Application Case of 4G Industrial Router in Remote Monitoring of Medical Equipment

The continuous development of Internet of Things technology has had a profound impact on the medical industry. Medical equipment beside the bed, such as hospital ultrasound, ECG, etc., need to maintain a stable wireless network connection throughout the hospital as needed. Remote monitoring enables medical professionals to view real-time status of mobile devices and patient updates over the Internet, anytime, anywhere, so as to save time and increase productivity.


System requirements

● Support 3G / 4G network

● Support multiple LAN ports

● Support IPSec VPN and CA.

● Support access control function

● Support cloud platform for remote management

● High performance, compact shape 


USRIOT's monitoring solution

USRIOT’s customers provide wireless remote monitoring solutions for mobile medical devices. The 4G industrial router can send real-time operational data from serial devices connected to high-speed 4G LTE networks and medical devices to the monitoring room. It significantly reduces the number of times medical staff need to check equipment and patients, for example, ultrasound or ECG equipment and ECG data will be transmitted to the monitoring center in real time for medical staff to check at any time.

In the operating room, 4G industrial routers can also play a role. Medical staff can view real-time data from a variety of devices scattered across different rooms and perform remote patient monitoring.


Super-high cost-effective 4G industrial router USR-G800V2

● Firm and compact design

● Support Ethernet, 3G / 4G and Wi-Fi

● Support 4 LAN ports


● Stable, easy to manage and safe connection