Application of 4G Cellular Modem in Intelligent Electric Meter Measurement

Advantages of intelligent measurement

Intelligent measurement is the first step of developing the city's intelligent grid system, which is helpful to solve the challenges of energy consumption and water use. By providing real-time data on electricity and gas usage, intelligent meters allow utility providers to optimize energy allocation while enabling consumers to make wiser decisions about their energy use. Through using the Internet of Things solution of intelligent measurement, you can access instrumentation data from the front-end 4G cellular modem and see the real-time status of the entire system from the transparent-transmission cloud to help improve customer service and your bottom line.


Change your perspective on energy distribution

With the Internet of Things intelligent meters, your company can access rich real-time data, enabling you to provide better services while reducing costs and increasing profits:

Effectively balance power load and reduce power failure.

Simplify energy distribution by making more accurate predictions.

Achieve dynamic pricing by increasing or reducing costs based on real-time demand.

Help consumers make wiser energy use decisions

With intelligent meter technology, utility companies can also help customers make wiser energy use decisions:

Use accurate real-time data of intelligent meter, provide useful energy consumption and detailed feedback.

Provide more accurate pricing based on usage, improve transparency in monthly energy bills.

Enable them to adjust their habits based on this information to reduce their monthly electricity bills.

In addition to helping utility companies provide more transparency to their customers, intelligent meters allow a range of value-added services, such as remote updates and service changes. If you want to take full advantage of intelligent meter technology, please cooperate with USRIOT to build intelligent energy Internet of Things solutions.