Application of 4G Cellular Modem in Public Facilities Management

Facilities Management IOT solution

Optimize facilities management

With the decrease of available space, higher utility costs and higher occupancy expectations, facility managers are under pressure to manage building systems and processes more efficiently and effectively. But traditional building management system can not provide the real data which can help facility managers to make decisions about efficiency, safety, and comfort. IOT has produced a lot of application procedures with a 4g cellular router via collecting data to help building manager to make more wise decisions.



The building manager can use IOT to make a wise choice for building facilities with efficient service.

Reduce energy use in response to signals from energy suppliers to ensure the lowest cost.

Reduce the energy waste through optimize public facility and HVAC system.

Use smart sensors to detect temperature changes, water pressure changes or other anomalies and alert the operating system to take action before system failure occurs.


IoT solutions for facility management also enable building managers to provide a better experience for passengers by:

Monitor and adjust building systems such as HVAC or lighting to match comfort.

Provide real secure and monitor service, to secure all the passenger’s safety.

To avoid interrupt and engine shutdown caused by maintenance problem via predictive maintenance.



Step forward, let your building more intelligent.

The Internet of things enables organizations to create more efficient, secure and efficient facilities. USRIOT can help user to realize better facility management via IOT. USRIOT can help you to connect the internet and collect and analyze valuable data, so you can start creating smarter buildings.