Application of 4G cellular modem in Urban Traffic and Intelligent Parking

4G cellular modem can help people manage traffic and parking more effectively

The growth of urban population and the increase of the number of cars may lead to congestion of roads and parking lots. Not only is this inconvenient for commuters, but billions of dollars are wasted in time and fuel. The Internet of things (IoT) enables cities to provide safer and more efficient transport infrastructure to reduce congestion and environmental impacts.


Know real-time traffic information

 With an end-to-end Internet of Things solution for traffic and parking management, you can use 4G cellular modem to collect real-time data and forward it to the driver or local authority. This help is beneficial to the city:

The monitoring device transmits the traffic condition at the crossroad to the background server through 4G cellular modem, and the server program controls the traffic signal to reduce the congestion.

Provide intelligent parking solutions that identify and communicate with the available space.

Identify structural problems in bridges, roads and tunnels.

Allow drivers to pay parking fees and road tolls automatically for convenient use.

Make your city a safer place

More intelligent traffic and parking management benefits drivers, passengers and everyone living, working and commuting in cities.

Intelligent transportation and parking solutions that support the Internet of Things help make cities safer by:


Providing municipalities with with important information about the use and flow of people and resources.

sending alerts and providing alternative routes to drivers and emergency relief workers under travel conditions .

maintaining traffic more efficiently to help reduce fuel consumption and vehicle emissions.

4G cellular modem transmits the front-end data information to the server, and the driver can download an APP on the phone to know the car information so as to guide the driver to an open place and improve the parking safety of drivers and passengers.


Improve commuting through intelligent transportation and parking solutions

Intelligent traffic and parking management can change the driver’s way to get from point A to point B. Not only are transportation and parking solutions supported by the IoT making driving more efficient and convenient for urban residents, but they can also make transportation safer. If you want to easily connect and monitor shipping assets, please work with USRIOT to create extensible and secure end-to-end Iot solutions.