Application of Bluetooth Module WH-BLE102

WH-BLE102 is a low-power Bluetooth module which supports BLE 4.2 protocol and the user can realize communication through simple configuration. User can set two modules as one master with one slave to transmit data and develop an APP according to standard BLE protocol to connect a module and communicate. WH-BLE102 supports one-to-many broadcast mode and iBeacon protocol. And module also supports modifying 128bit format UUID to be compatible with other company BLE modules. In a word, WH-BLE102 is reliable Bluetooth module with various functions and high compatibility.


Handheld POS system application of the bluetooth module

Use Bluetooth technology to transmit information that scanned by handheld equipment, credit card information from POS equipment, information submitted by mobile phone to the terminal in a wireless way.

Handheld POS system of bluetooth module
Wireless data acquisition application of the bluetooth module

Bluetooth module WH-BLE102 is appropriate for being applied in close range data acquisition such as wireless meter reading, wireless telemetry, status acquisition, etc.

wireless data acquisition of bluetooth module

Bluetooth positioning application

Bluetooth module WH-BLE102 is appropriate for being applied in indoor positioning, downhole positioning, etc.

Downhole application: Use Bluetooth technology to send information such as alarm, operation, etc. And to look over the downhole location in real time.

bluetooth positioning of bluetooth module appliaction