Application of Cellular Router in Intelligent Safeguard System

Monitoring your facility remotely and safely

The security and monitoring industry is changing, solutions is not merely limited to basic alarm monitoring. Real-time video monitoring and other remote security function increase visibility for organizations that wish to protect their personnel, assets, and buildings. IOT can monitor facility and public space romotely through intelligent safeguard system, so as to create more safety city, home and enterprise. One of the core devices is the 4G industrial cellular router.


Make monitoring get more easier.

You can arrange building owner, property managers and security professionals: remote manage and control othe monitoring equipment. According to the proper action solution to make more wise choice without check the location and do configuration yourself.

You can access to the network, acquire and analyse the data, make significant improvements to security processe and system through cellular router.

Improve security and bottom line

The Internet of things gives you a better understanding of assets to improve security and prevent serious losses through real-time monitoring. USRIOT can provide integrated IOT security and monitoring solutions to security service providers, proprietor, public organizations, and cities that want to build effective and secure security systems.