Application of USRIOT Device in Industrial IoT Solutions

USRIOT solutions enable system integrators and industrial Iot application developers to bring products to market faster and at lower cost. We achieve this by providing targeted data transmission device, our equipment configuration and management, security, device control and sensor data collection and integrity; also maximize communication uptime.


Simpleness, utility and reasonable price

USRIOT industrial-grade 4G cellular modem is integrated into your application program, coordinating all communication between all USRIOT devices deployed as part of the application and the central server; it protects all communications, provides remote device management and configuration, and ensures accurate sensor data collection and integrity. 

USRIOT can also provide a database-level interface to your Industrial IoT application if needed.

Each design and manufacturing of USRIOT device solution is integrated with the multiple industry experiences, laying the foundation for your industrial Iot applications. It is known that our technology has been already spread around the world, therefor, you can use your application safely.


Multiple functions

With small size and ultra-low power consumption, our devices are suitable for both static and mobile industrial Iot applications.

The built-in GPS and accelerometer enables advanced geofencing and motion detection applications.



With the ability to execute logic on the edge, USRIOT provides autonomous operation; Even when disconnected from the application's central server.

In terms of installation, flexibility does not mean complexity. Downloadable configuration file, no field configuration required.



Aim to use the latest solid-state technology, we offer the highest reliability.

Our dual-processor architecture includes internal monitors for mutual performance verification and reliability assurance.



Focus on developing your application and it is known that we have used all of our expertise to protect your data.

Use the most advanced protection to build, it is verified by third-party security experts, communications and devices can be protected against malicious attacks.



With transparent-transmission cloud and USRIOT devices, you can easily scale your applications from one device to millions of devices.

Since all our devices are compatible, deployments can use hybrid devices, depending on the need for different levels of sensor connectivity.


Reduce development costs

From mobile devices to static applications, from single sensors to complex sensor deployments, USRIOT device solutions can help you shorten your time of product launching and reduce development costs.


Ensure high quality data

USRIOT makes it easy for you to get high quality data and focus on delivering your industrial IoT applications.