Big Data boost tourism small run of refraction of the tourism industry “smart change”

A cell phone tour of the world, this is not a dream. Along with tourism and mutual integration of the Internet, the tourism industry is set off a huge change. Whether it is travel, resort management model adopted by the people or the travel way, because of the Internet becomes more and more simple and convenient. As a Masterpiece of modern consumer technology, the mobile Internet in the tourism industry, the achievements of many enterprises, the achievements of a huge APP economy, but also the achievements of the integration of the entire tourism industry chain. From April 13 to 19, Shanxi tourism promotion group Available in Sichuan, inspection process, learned a lot of successful experience. Provincial tourism service management is how to achieve wisdom? Wisdom tourism is ultimately for what? For Shanxi, how to use wisdom to do big data travel? Reporters accompanying interview.

Big Data boost tourism small run of refraction of the tourism industry “smart change”

Big Data help small run Sichuan tourism

On the way to Jinding, the reporter noted that some tourists wearing headphones, stop and go, while enjoying the scenery while pondering thoughts. In their phone, download the one called “carry-guide” of APP, the entire contents of Emei Mountain are downloaded to your phone, anywhere you can listen for free. It is understood, Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong, Leshan Giant Buddha, Mount Qingcheng and Dujiangyan dozens of key scenic spots in Sichuan have been incorporated into the system. With such a system, like tourists themselves requested a portable, private guide at any time.

Leshan Giant Buddha in the narrow path along the cliff, and one camera mounted on stone walls, a record of all visitors to live out. If the accommodation was close to the maximum flow of people along the cliff, the first time it will send out a warning signal. Such monitoring, in every corner of Sichuan Province, dozens of tourist attractions.

At the same time, the Sichuan Provincial Tourism Bureau Information Center, a clear LED TV screen fills the entire wall, the staff is by the Sichuan public service platform network, pay close attention to changes in the province’s tourism market.

Click traffic, real-time query every case a qualified coach and refined to its license plate number, owner, current location, even with speed; click on the weather, can be found across the province, the area of ​​current and future several days of weather conditions, and through public microblogging, letters and other platforms timely release; click on the area, each camera following tourists whereabouts glance, hourly number of tourists in the area, the cumulative number of received to date, in the event of special circumstances, wisdom Center will be the first time to communicate with the resort; click driving, traffic statistics accurate to single digits, not only can display a city car into the traffic flow, but also to show to shunt their districts and counties; click data analysis , you can quickly calculate the amount of tourists in Sichuan Province in March analysis, wherein the number of tourists Shanxi is 218 400 people.

The platform is how to conduct triage it? “Each resort has its own flow rate limit, as long as the flow exceeds this, the system will alarm, we will be able to know immediately and dispose of.” Staff told reporters that the internet connection various scenic access control system, can grasp the data about all attractions for tourists. At the same time, the platform is also connected with the travel agency, police data and telecommunications operators platform, to know the way to go to the resort and the number of visitors, according to the data amount estimated for Tourists take diversion measures in advance.

“National Day last year, we have seen on the big screen Emei top with some tourists over the fence, we immediately notified the resort to dispose of.” The staff said that the platform can not only achieve data monitor, you can also resort Webcam pass docked back to real-time images of the emergency situation occurred scenic timely treatment. In addition, throughout the resort can also shoot your own videos, photos, etc. reached the platform, when unforeseen exceptional circumstances, facilitate the Provincial Tourism Bureau and command processing.

Wisdom and tourism because people and natural coupling

“Wisdom tourism is by all technical Internet, mobile Internet, big data, etc., before the line, line, line after the whole process to better serve every visitor. Wisdom and penetration into the tour, which is tourism coupled with a natural network exists. “Sichuan Provincial Tourism Bureau Hong Hao Li, said the core of wisdom tourism is people, people in the tourism field, in real time and from start to finish in the consumer and access to services.

For the manufacturing industry, regardless of where to start development of a certain size are required to take shape. The tourism industry is different, as small as a county, a village can become a tourist destination, which shows the size of the travel restrictions do not exist, the big no, its no small inside. Access to the Internet, big data technology as well. Hao Kang Li believes that combined wisdom and tourism can be divided into three areas: intelligence management, intelligence services, marketing intelligence.

“Wisdom is the use of intelligence management technology, government and enterprises of the industry control, is responsible for the resort to tourists.” Kang Li Hao said, this is not just office information, but rather a set of systems to ensure travel site order control and emergency rescue.

Intelligence service, the use of other Internet, mobile Internet platform close to the tourists, offers visitors excellent and get convenient services. This process is not all in the tourism process to feel the experience of service, but also contains a variety of information about tourism. “From PC to the mobile terminal APP, from the official platform to other media platforms, intelligence services through the Internet and mobile Internet extends to every visitor around, offers visitors a personalized and comprehensive set of services.”

Wisdom marketing is using the Internet and big data, accurate positioning itself to attract publicity and new visitors. And in addition to this precise understanding of their own, but also on the tourism market forecast.

Hao Kang Li believes that the technology can not always be placed to lead and drive the height, but must let the technology into all walks of life application-level policy makers, and consumers on the application, this is the valuable wisdom of travel is also like this.

Large data-driven changes Shanxi Tourism

Tourism changes brought by the big data is a new experience for visitors. For example: big data can provide tourist weather, location and flow of information, you can also resort to help re-planning, so adding more rigid view of human color. Shanxi is driving big data under gradually extends upstream and downstream industry chain in tourism.

In the study of Shanxi Tourism Bureau “tourism industry and food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment are closely related to these six industry every day to produce large amounts of data and information, the typical mass tourism is big data industry.” emotionally, he said, with the social change consumption patterns, behavior of tourists has changed a lot. Travelers must travel past the help of travel agencies now rely more on mobile phones and networks. Tourists travel way has changed the traditional way is to tour guides, tour to explain, but in the era of information explosion, tourists can get information through various channels, Tours has become a popular trend. “Into the development of tourism and tourist behavior, and service capacity required to support the tourism industry must change.”

As a tourist enterprise, how to use big data to do a market analysis, they are exploring.

“Never relevant data found relevant, which need to understand the industry and understand the data people Specialization.” He Zhiyong, chairman of Shanxi Business CITS, said the province still lack the relevant personnel to understand the data people do not understand travel, tourism know people do not understand the data.

“In the new era of media, marketing, if they do not adapt to the new situation, it is difficult to attract consumers, we should first solidly to complete their own business-oriented data.” Oriental Shanxi CITS often learn Feng believes that management should strengthen the collection of customer information, focusing on the accumulation of customer data.

As for how to use Big Data, director of the Sichuan Provincial Tourism Bureau Information Center, said: “Big data is the core application ‘micro application’.”

She further said that the reason why big data big, because we have to change the mindset of the past, no longer valuable data for the amount or range of width and qualitative data, but the overall, systematic and scientific ideas to analyze, which is precisely the future development of the tourism industry and business objectives where further deepen personalized service. Personalized service before the reason there is no way to do, because there is no technical and data support. Big Data era of tourism to provide micro-premise applications and conditions can be more effective and faster analysis of the actual needs of the industry.