Britain announced a new research center Internet of Things

To promote innovation, Britain announced a new internet of things research center, which is one of the internet of things the British government project plan (IoTUK) of. IoTUK period of three years, with a total investment of 40 million pounds, aimed at strengthening the global leader in the UK internet of things in the field, increasing the quality of internet of things technology and service applications in the commercial and public sectors.

Interdisciplinary Petra (PETRAS) IOT center jointly established by the British nine major universities, will study the following areas:

Privacy and trust

Safety and Security

Using economic value

Standards, governance and policy

Application and acceptability

Each theme has a technical director of research and director of social sciences. Petra Internet of things multidisciplinary nature of the work center, research can help bring significant change, the idea of ​​changing the system of internet of things, design and implementation. In these research areas, shared core technology research project will cross the “cluster” is connected to:


medical insurance

Control systems and supply chain


personal I.D


Design and Behavior

Innovation will work together to accomplish user, through social sciences and concrete actions to bring advanced science and engineering. So, it will bring social benefits of technological innovation lay a solid foundation.

Britain will become the world leader in internet of things

Petra Internet of things outcome center will support evidence-based decision-making Britain. Target Center members is on compatibility and new entrants to the market open access standards, learn to deal with technological change of policy options to balance the potential benefits and harms.

Ed Secretary of State for the Digital Economy – Schweitzer (Ed Vaizey), said: “UK universities to creativity and groundbreaking research and development and we hope that the famous British IOT applications become a world leader, and I know them. universities and partners from the UK’s thriving technology industry to come together, it will contribute significantly to achieving this goal. ”

The composition of nine university network centers are: University College London, Imperial College, University of Oxford, University of Warwick, Lancaster University, University of Southampton, University of Surrey, University of Edinburgh, and Cardiff University.