Cellular Router USR-G800V2 AT Commands

This article is a quick introduction of cellular router USR-G800V2 AT Commands


 Num  Command  Function
 1  AT+VER  Query firmware version
 2  AT+MAC Query MAC 
 4  AT+IMEI  Query IMEI
 5  AT+SYSINFO  Query device network information
 6  AT+APN  Query/set APN
 7  AT+CSQ  Query signal strength
 8  AT+TRAFFIC  Query traffic information
 9  AT+UPTIME  Query running time
 10  AT+WWAN  Query IP of device
 11  AT+LANN  Query/set LAN IP(effect when G800V2 work as router)
 12  AT+WEBU  Query/set account and password of webpage
 13  AT+PLANG  Query/set the default language of webpage
 14  AT+RELD  Restore to factory setting
 15  AT+Z  Reboot. Note: return +ok
 16  AT+DHCPEN  Enable/disable DHCP server
 17  AT+SOCKALK  Query connect status
 18  AT+SOCK  Query/set format of network protocol parameters
 19  AT+UART  Query/set serial port parameters
 20  AT+REGEN  Query/set transparent register package
 21  AT+HTBT  Query/set transparent heartbeat package
   System Shell Command
 22  AT+LINUXCMP  Execute system shell command


For more At commands of USR-G800V2, please click https://www.usriot.com/download/M2M/USR-G800V2-AT-Commands_V1.0.1.pdf