Changes in the traditional cold chain distribution using Internet technology

“The ultimate goal of business is to achieve production supply, manufacturing, sales information data, intelligence, and finally achieve fast, efficient and personalized product offerings.” Chen Tianxin said that with the cold chain supply 4.0 era, capital-intensive and technical intelligence, the traditional cold chain supply will bring disruptive change. This logistics park in Fairview Jinhe wisdom, things of agricultural products through distribution, work in this area is particularly prominent.

“Currently, Fairview Jinhe wisdom logistics park is doing information exchange and processing technology, the distribution process traceability and tracking technology and intellectual security.” Chen Tianxin, the traditional cold chain distribution management cost, low efficiency, but also prone to error. Through networking technology, to fresh agricultural products labeled as long as the bar code sorting packaging products, through electronic data interchange technology, aggregated into a database, and product delivery information and downstream supply chain systems integration.

“Which product is about to expire, what food problems in the future can be the entire supply chain traceability in the terminal, including product information, transportation, environment, circulation and other information.” Chen Tianxin introduced Road, this not only to achieve logistics, capital flow, information stream real-time interaction and sharing, and information can be processed in real time, greatly improving the distribution of fresh produce management level and efficiency, convenience to the user. At the same time, but also on the entire fresh produce logistics process optimization, a good stop counterfeit agricultural products in the distribution sectors of agricultural products to enter the market and ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products fundamentally.