Chinese “smart home” is difficult to spread the truth

Today, the domestic smart home market rainbow night. While a variety of vendors rushed onto the smart products industry. According to a jeer networks to observe, appliance manufacturers in 2015 to launch a new product almost all smart products, you do not even find a home appliance business intelligence products.

Secret: Chinese “smart home” is difficult to spread the truth

On the other side, the user frequently Tucao:

Wang: “Our family of sweeping robot gone, this is the first N times it disappears.”

Total Jin: “not a clean sweep, only when children’s toys.”

Mr. Ban: “Lying in bed every day to see sweeping robot ran in hurriedly, silently put my slippers to move away, and then hear it stuck carpets, lace stuck, stuck chassis sound, looking forward to the issue cry sound. ”

Users fed up with sweeping robot give it a name: “mentally retarded home.”

Sweeping robot is just a microcosm of the smart home: the concept is the fire, but the user acceptance is not high. The reason is that, the product was not convenient, cost is not high, and consumer demand seriously out of line.

Secret: Chinese “smart home” is difficult to spread the truth

Products not convenient

First, because of lack of intelligence. After the smart home now can only be called the Internet at home, stay on the remote control features furniture, too many users in the use of smart home products, in fact, found that most “natural and egg” thing.

Secondly, the communication protocol disorder, smart home manufacturers basically do all, there is no uniform standard, incompatible. Which is Which user chose, then choose other brands, they are not connected together, the cost of secondary selection is too high. And consumers buy home appliances, nor the formation of the brand as a unit purchase habits.

Low cost

Smart Home Another weakness is cost-effective. The current price of a full smart home system is relatively high, the domestic price system, ranging from 30,000 to 100,000 yuan, the price is as high import system several hundred thousand dollars or even hundreds of million. Some smart single product, although cheap, but the stability is not high.

Secret: Chinese “smart home” is difficult to spread the truth

Wrong sales targets

Smart home now many manufacturers are doing, to do a series of products, then this product will need to have a pile positioning can now see is basically the face of consumer groups, of course, not to say sell, buy certainly someone buy, but who will buy the whole group of consumers who will be relatively small, we can see that many manufacturers in order to sell to consumers smart home very hard, and even can be called hard yell, but you can see, Buy fewer people, there will be even less important that the idea of ​​smart home products. So this is the case, the cost of capital and time costs spent crying on the exchange can not very reasonable return.

As a relatively new smart home concept, will buy, of course, mostly young, but very real problem is that they do not house, they did not want to buy a place to put a house of middle-aged people probably would not buy all intelligent stuff home, then these things they probably do not experience, not to mention these things is the replacement of things very fast.

Overall, the current smart home market is still in the market cultivation stage. And this market is so huge, it is best movers were coming, millet, 360, Baidu, Tencent do. Only in this way, in the next decade, the industry will have on the rise, the need “Many hands make light”, together with the development of the market.