How to create a perfect smart home

A good intelligent life, there must be a good smart home! In this process, how do we create their own smart home? It certainly give us some problems. Below, we offer some tips to see exactly how to create the perfect smart home.

Choose a good platform

Smart home is still in its fledgling stage, so the future will become increasingly complex, including Apple, Google and Samsung and other giants are in the changing market fierce competition. Currently, including Apple’s HomeKit, Google’s Brillo, etc., it has become the mainstream platform. And the choice of which platform the most important reference depends on the number of compatible devices and future prospects.

Intelligent home control

The most simple and intuitive Smart home advantage is that you can control everything at home on the couch! Therefore, the best form is to be smart on the wrist watch. Whether thermostat, multimedia or security cameras, everything just need to be smart watch App. IFTTT platform has been the rise of a large number of control devices, of course, there are those universal remote control.

Best Intelligent Lighting Solutions

Getting smart home via Wi-Fi configuration is controlled intelligent light bulb. They are easy to use, and most effective, but also can play a warning. More importantly, in addition to or by AppleWatch Pebble smart watch control, LED lighting can save a lot of money.

Install smart thermostats

Smart thermostats can give home heating facilities to bring more control, and if the reasonable control of heating can help us save a lot of energy. Currently, Nest smart thermostat market’s biggest star, and of course Hive from the United Kingdom.

Smart Kitchen

If your refrigerator without intelligence, then there are also the home of what foods you can not control at all times. Of course, there are intelligent coffee maker, smart washing machines, which can make you feel smart kitchen has never been so cool.

Smart Garden

While garden intelligent and necessary, but this will give us a lot of fun. Some smart sensors buried in the soil, can tell you that the key data include sunlight, temperature, moisture and soil PH value, so that the garden plants more healthy growth.

Smart Camera

Smart Camera is a no PC connection, direct use Wi-Fi networking smart home products, with mobile phone APP, you can remotely view everything at home anywhere, talk with family voice, also supports video sharing, alarm and other functions. When you are not at home, it helps you housekeeping! 360 as smart cameras, smart cameras small ants, Vimtag intelligent cloud cameras, etc. open the phone will be able to see everything at home, in order to escort you home!

Smart Security System

Star intelligent safety systems include NestCam, PiperNV and Vimtag, these are available in the market most mainstream choice. Of course, in addition to smart cameras, smart locks can also be considered. But smart locks currently not perfect, while the price is relatively expensive. But I believe that with the continuous development of technology, these problems will be resolved one by one.

Good plan

Before you start, there must be a complete plan, we can find the way smart home on the Internet, if there are intelligent home tutorials best, however, especially video tutorials, people looked at a glance. Only by doing so a plan to save even more time, and to ensure the production of results.