Data Transmission Test for serial to Ethernet converter USR-DR302

Data transmission test for RS485 serial to Ethernet converter is based on the default parameters, please refer to the following steps:


1.Open test software “USR-TCP232-Test.exe”, and do hardware connection according to Chapter 1.1 Hardware Testing Environment

Click to download "USR-TCP232-Test.exe".


2.The right side is Network Settings: TCP Server, IP address:, port number: 8324, click “Connect” to build TCP connection


The left side is Serial Settings: Baud Rate: 115200, Parity/Data bit/Stop bit: None/8/1,

Click “Open” to enable the COM.

Then we can test data transmission between COM and network.

Data from serial to network is: PC’ COM->USR-DR302’ COM->USR-DR302 Ethernet port->PC Network;

Data from network to serial is: PC Network->DR302’ Ethernet port->DR302 COM-> PC’s COM.


The below picture is for your reference:


RS232 to Ethernet converter transmission test