Development of China’s Internet of Things

With the advance of “Made in China 2025”, “Internet +” and the national strategy, the networking industry will usher in a broader space for development. At present, the application of innovation as the core industries of the Internet of Things we’re seeing in people’s livelihood, industry and other applications in depth, wisdom pension, intelligent transportation, medical and other livelihood experience endless wisdom, the Internet industry, agriculture and other industrial applications of things brought greater economic value .

China will also be in Internet of Things international standards play a leading role in architecture, which will help China make more new Internet of Things international standard project, the right to speak in the international standard setting, greatly promoted China Internet of Things technology and industry development of.

Last year, with Internet of Things as the core of future manufacturing development plans in the world are attention. For example, Germany’s industrial 4.0, the US Internet industry. GE estimates that “Industrial Internet” market, that is networked machinery industry in the next 20 years, will increase global 100000-15000000000000 US dollars GDP. In contrast, China’s gross domestic product of just over $ 10 trillion, while the US is $ 17 trillion. This means that more plants will automate the task, and is connected to the cloud, so that large improvements in industrial production speed and efficiency.

On the moment Chinese manufacturing sector, is in a critical period of transition upgrade to “Internet +” birth technological advantages, naturally become a pioneer, where its evolution and development, manufacturing fusion formation of the “Internet of Things” that is prepared attention . On the “manufacturing” to “wisdom made” road transformation of the urgent need for sophisticated networking platform.

But beware that the networking itself is the solution to a large part of the problem, of course, not only the structure of Internet of Things, but rather in relation to the overall solution architecture.

Although industry experts also suggested that the current of the networking industry there are still many problems, including industry links dispersion; lack of uniform standards to enhance the application level constraints; hardware and software similar to homogeneous competition severe; sensor weak base support and so on.

In this regard, the leadership of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said that to promote the development of Internet of Things breakthroughs in core technologies, including sensors and push chip technology, transmission technology, innovation and development of information processing technology, and gradually improve the standard system of things, and actively promote its own technology standards internationalization; at the same time, speed up Internet of Things in manufacturing deepen the application, continuously push forward the car networking and industrial development of the Internet to promote the application of machine communication terminal.

Borrowing retired IBM Greater China chief executive officer of the money crowd saying: “This is a wonderful era, Internet of Things just started, far from mature.”