Differences Between Serial Device Server and Serial Ethernet Module

There are two main types of serial ethernet products on the market now.They are serial device server and serial ethernet module.Before starting up a project,user needs to consider to choose a serial device server or serial ethernet module.

serial device server serial ethernet module

As shown above,the first one is a serial device server, the second is serial ethernet module. Their differences are as follows.

1.From the aspect of appearance

Serial device server consists of serial ethernet module and a shell which has function of electromagnetic isolation.Serial device server USR-TCP232-300 is embedded with serial ethernet module USR-TCP232-24.

2.From the aspect of dimension

The size of serial ethernet module is about 44-32-15mm, and size of serial device server is about 95-84-25mm.

3.From the aspect of price

Serial device server costs twice as much as serial ethernet module.Once test is passed, user will purchase serial ethernet module in large volumes.Serial device server USR-TCP232-300 costs $36.8, and serial ethernet module USR-TCP232-24 costs $17.8.

4.From the aspect of function

Serial device server has the same function as serial ethernet module.

In a word,if the serial device is a ready-made device,and the shell can not be opened, you can choose serial device server which can be used in the external. But the price is relatively high.

If you are a manufacturer of serial device, and you have large demand for serial ethernet products,you can choose serial ethernet module.It Can reduce the cost.