Does industrial cellular router need cellular modem for networking?

Does industrial cellular router need cellular modem for networking?


The answer is: not necessarily.


The modem can connect to the network through cellular network, modem has rs232/485 serial port, which is suitable for the network under 2G/3G/4G/ nb-iot environment, and can use Ethernet mode at the same time. Industrial routers usually need to be connected via cellular or WIFI networks. It can be selected according to the needs of the project.


When a project needs to use Ethernet, cellular network and WIFI network in various ways, the combination of router + modem or industrial router + serial device server can be considered.


The industrial router will provide your device with a wifi connection and all IP addresses. It can send files from one computer to another, stream video stored on the phone to a TV or small receiver, and then print the files as normal.


Industrial routers do not provide you with an Internet connection.


The Internet connection comes from your ISP, because sending data over long distance Ethernet lines is not workable, you need an industrial modem, or more accurately “media converter” to convert the media cellular signals they provide or fiber optics to Ethernet (or USB) that your router/computer can use.


However, people often make the mistake of thinking that WiFi and the Internet are the same, completely interchangeable words.


WiFi is a communication protocol and standard that allows devices to join a computer network without the need for a physical hard connection. An Internet network is a connection from the local network to other networks.