Embedded Serial Device Server/GSM Module USR-GPRS232-7S3

 Low Cost UART TTL GPRS/GSM Module

USR-GPRS232-7S3 is a wireless terminal equipment which can be embedded in your pcb design to transmit tada through GPRS / GSM network.

Embedded Serial Device Server/GSM Module USR-GPRS232-7S3 can realize two-way data transparent transmission between COM and GPRS / GSM network by using a SIM card.
Build-in SIM card slot
Use single module, embedded TCP / IP Protocol stack, without external CPU, Higher stability
Support public and APN network access
Support heartbeat, Always Online mode, can keep connection with server
Support KEEP-ALIVE, to maintain connection if there is no heartbeat packet
Support network connection in Max 4 Channel, can send data from serial port to different servers
Transparent transmission, can take place of data transfer radio, don't need to change your original system
Pin type footprint, convenient for integration
Support configure by Computer set-up software /
Serial AT Command / SMS AT Command
Support virtual serial port, FREE software is available