Essence smart home platform: But is “staking”

Understanding smart home, smart home two basic framework from view, such as the first layer is laid on user habits and the establishment of intelligent access standards of smart home platform; the second layer is smart in the smart home wisdom under the platform household hardware, they are as intelligent devices provide users with all aspects of intelligence services. This issue resolved from the starting platform smart home, smart home first to uncover the veil.

Smart Home platform is essentially the “staking” to establish its own calibration standard ecological threshold of smart home, whether it is Apple’s homekit, Google’s NEST, or Samsung smarthing, are in fact in the establishment of closed software system standards, . At the same time, get a hand as much as possible to more users, one hand for more intelligent hardware manufacturers settled as much as possible, “two hands” interaction spiral: the more users will be able to attract richer intelligent hardware settled; more intelligent hardware, but also to attract more users to jump into their own platform.

Once a smart home platform to get a landslide on the user’s hardware business and settled, then it becomes even grasp the “smart home” entrance. This is the smart home industry in the so-called battleground, which is why almost all of the well-known Internet companies in the layout “smart home platform” grand strategy, not just one or two intelligent hardware to do a single product.

Essence smart home platform: But is “staking”

Smart home platform for enterprise itself, is to master the future invincible tickets; For users, it is intelligent hardware connectivity issues between the underlying technology becomes a problem, the user simply using an application, you can control the hardware without knowing “how to control the hardware.”

Moreover, it defines the logical structure of the three standardized hardware connection between hardware, hardware management in the application form, security access mechanism.

What is the logical structure of the hardware connected? Simply put, is the master and slave, the slave device with devices from the topology, that is, who are the core of the intelligent terminal to control all the hardware, such as mobile phone, such as the core to control terminal smart appliances, windows and doors, sofas, and other intelligent hardware; with intelligent hardware layer should not happen linkage, such as when the user opens the automatic climate control, smart windows automatically shut down.

Regarding hardware in software management mode, this fact is better understood, is the intelligent hardware by what form of packets, such as is in accordance with bedroom, living room and other space groups, or grouped by sleep, parties, dinners and other scenes, or in accordance with the purification class smart appliances, smart appliances and other equipment cleaning category type packets. There is no absolute right or wrong, only the platform for each user needs to use a different understanding of the scene.

Finally, security access standards, of course, is to enter my next plane intelligent hardware platform I must follow safety rules, then I win user acceptance is the platform on security; Going one step further reflection, I set up the platform to a profit threshold possibilities, particularly how to play depends on various smart home platform knack.

So far, about what is the smart home platform, its importance, its role in the whole picture of the basic analytical come to an end. Learning the next plan, I will witness the pros and cons of various micro-level connectivity technology smart home hardware devices analysis.