Ethernet module USR-TCP232-E2

USR-TCP232-E2 is a Ethernet module that can realize data transmission between the Network and TTL serial port, which is equipped with ARM cortex-M4 processor. No need to care of the details, the module realize the protocol converse.parameters can be set in the software and webpage, configure one time and save forever.


This character aimed at get start and the user are advised to operation one time according to the instr to understand USR-TCP232-E2 completely.


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Ethernet module USR-TCP232-E2

(also, it can be used in the industrial serial to Ethernet Converter:USR-N668,USR-N510, USR-N520, USR-N540, USR-TCP232-410S, USR-TCP232-419 and industrial ethernet modules: USR-K7, USR-TCP232-ED2.)

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