Features of Serial to Ethernet Converter USR-N510

Features of Serial to Ethernet Converter USR-N510

Serial-Ethernet converter access to Network

USR-N510 is an ultimate serial converter connect to RS232/RS485/RS422 based equipment across an ethernet network

enable you to replace serial dial-up modem connection. 

To realize two-way transparent transmission between COM and TCP/IP,manage COM on remote device over network.

To communicate to multiple serial devices at the same time across a LAN or WAN network.


RS232&RS485&RS422 to Ethernet

1.Modbus Gateway function,support modbus TCP to Modbus RTU in bi-direction, work as master/slave

2.Virtual COM ports connect PC/servers to remote serial devices over Ethernet

3.Up to 8 simultaneous clients when act as TCP Server 

4.Support network printing via IP address

5.HTTPD Client and Websocket function available

6.Two serial port,each port can be work as RS232/RS485/RS422 and can be used individually.

7.Unique global MAC address,defined MAC address is available

8.Support DNS & DHCP, automatically access IP

9.One port corresponsiding to two socket

10.Support Modbus Polling

11.Reload button, a key restore default Settings

12.Wide voltage input 5-36V

13.Support Modbus TCP to Modbus ASCII


RS485/RS422/RS232 serial port