Features of USR-N668

USR-N668 is an 8-serial-port serial to ethernet converter which produced by USRIOT.


This article is to introduce the features of USR-N668:


Two 10/100Mbps Ethernet port, support Auto MDI/MDIX.

8 serial ports all support RS232/RS485/RS422.

Support Static IP or DHCP.

TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Clie nt, UDP Server, HTTPD Client .

8 serial ports all support two sockets ,and all can send data to two different servers when work as Client.

It works as TCP client, supports to 16(max) TCP Client.

Keep alive & Registration package

Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU.

U ser defined overtime Reload (no data reload)and overtime connection.

The modifiable , one and only MAC.

DNS domain name resolution ,user defined DNS server address.

R emote monitoring and remote firmware upgrading.

Network time synchronization +RTC real ti me clock.

U ser defined Task Scheduler.

Support s web server configuration.

Support s V COM.

Reload by h ardware and software.

R un across gateways, switches and routers.

Work in LAN or external network.

8-serial-port serial to ethernet converter