Function of High-performance WIFI Module(One)

TCP Password Authentication

This function is only suitable for the situation when wifi module works as TCP Server. When TCP Client connects with wifi module, wifi module will authenticate each connected TCP.

Registered Package ID/MAC

This function only applies to the situation when wifi module works as TCP Client. When wifi module connects with server,there will be ID number of two bytes in front of the data (ID number ranges from 0 to 65535.High byte is before low byte) plus two bytes ID radix-minus-one complement or upload 6 bytes of MAC address.

There are two ways to upload their own id: one is to upload their own ID/MAC for connection to the server for the first time;The other is a plus ID/MAC in front of each data.

Self-adaption Baud Rate

Baud rate of wifi module will change with the baud rate of virtual serial,and there is no need to restart wifi module. If restart wifi module, baud rate will go back to the original baud rate.


This function takes effect only when wifi module works in GPIO mode. When wifi module works in GPIO mode, enter “WEB IO” page, you can click on the corresponding button to control wifi module’s pin level. Without downloading and installing app, any platform, any equipment, as long as you can visit built-in webpage of wifi module through the browser,you can control IO pin of wifi module.