Function of High-performance WIFI Module (Two)

KeepAlive Mechanism
when network is abnormal, wifi module can timely diagnose the abnormal network and disconnect.When the network restored, wifi module can connect to the server in time.

Multi-STA Function
If the current network signal is too low, wifi module will automatically switch to other AP network in STA mode (automatically restart when switching network ). This feature provides a signal threshold, when the current network signal is lower than the signal threshold, wifi module will automatically switch network and restart. If the signal value is set to 100, wifi module will not switch network. Even if the current network signal is not available, wifi module will keep searching and not connect to other networks.

Websocket Function
This wifi module can realize the function of websocket server, which can allow serial of wifi module real-timely interacting with web.Websocket function replaces the previous HTTP GET, and POST method.

When wifi module works in AP mode, it will open a UDP port to receive fast access Wi-Fi commands. The port number is 49000. Phone can directly connect to Wi-Fi network of wifi module.and phone can query SSID information list and set up router SSID password under the command of UDP protocol. After the completion of setup, wifi module will automatically restart, and connect to the router. Now wifi module works in the STA mode.