Google’s smart home is how to seek death?

Thinking back two years ago, Google no mercy, even if only two smart Nest single product, still win big money, $ 3.2 billion acquisition of direct, is too bold, the entire industry has been shaken up. So, Google acquired Nest, the smart home industry has become the most representative and influential event, Google also will yangmingliwan smart home. However, Google smart home life did not embark on the peak, but the road is very bumpy, much to seek death rhythm.

  Google’s smart home is how to seek death?

A beginning, Nest also did not disappoint: the thermostat will learn, the most successful single product, with Apple’s hardware design DNA, are its label.

Unfortunately, Google smart home you do not have to go in the direction envisaged, 3.2 billion US dollars, two years, money seems to be wasted, Nest eat halo savings, not into the explosion models, and successful interpretation of “the earlier, and now It is not always better. ”

Recent Nest Zaoxin even more. On the one hand, it is said Nest last year had sales of 340 million US dollars, looks very impressive, but the thought of the purchase price of $ 3.2 billion, and this figure is so new owner Google disappointed; on the other hand, does not Nest internal harmony, a bit claiming to be a senior engineer who wrote Nest, Nest senior insane, “the general staff anxious stomping, middle are busy appease” the company from Waner Wan far.

It sounds a bit weird. Perhaps we can think of, Nest apple genes have not really become Apple’s second, but never think it farther and farther down the road to seek death. Of course, whether true or false event, none of this is accidental, combing through the development of the past two years Nest is not difficult to find, Nest does have a lot of difficult to understand areas.

  Nest working slowly and deliberately did not, eventually turned into a grinding grumble

Said working slowly and deliberately, but here it seems hardly Nest does not help, because it’s too slow to update, in this age of technology ridiculously slow, estimated that even a little bit worried and Wohuo outsider.

Nest was founded in 2011, in the field of intelligent hardware be experienced, and can talk about it updates it with tears. From established in 2011, to January 2014 was acquired by Google, to today, Nest be gone for about five years, and its main product has only one thermostat replacement twice, the most recent update is in September last year, but it has been updated from the first 3 years.

If Nest is a traditional company, iterative slow no problem, but as a high-tech type of intelligent hardware vendors, it is almost unimaginable. Plus, Nest’s products already small, busy all day and will not develop new areas, while backed by a good shade tree Google, R & D strength is not bad, a little more slow update justified, and would like to keep people have other ideas immune.

Another point is crucial, Nest second update of last year, which is to rise from the second generation of three generations of time, Nest thermostat no revolutionary innovation, mainly in the original basis of minor repairs, such as the screen magnification, put clear strengthening display effects. In any case, these changes need to “three years with a return to”, and it is too grinding grumble.

  You spend money to buy, you also kill one million ways

As we all know, Nest was acquired by Google, regarded as “fly the branches do Phoenix”, and Google acquired it after the year in which in turn acquired Dropcam and Revolv, also paid for, is known Dropcam 5.55 billion dollars, although far less than the Nest itself, comparable to Samsung’s $ 200 million acquisition of SmartThings more delicate.

This time in the field of intelligent home Nest force it? Before, weak, smart cameras now added Dropcam and smart home control Revolv, expand their influence and justifies. However, Nest may fundamentally not think so.

We may not think of any case, the purpose of the acquisition of Dropcam and Revolv Nest, and do not want to three-dimensional smart home strategy, but just simply strengthen Nest, do not put Dropcam and Revolv as one of us.

Dropcam is an IP camera company, regarded as a pioneer in lightweight camera home, but also to create a cloud services model, the industry also say how famous. Curiously, after the acquisition of Dropcam Nest, no idea of ​​trying to fight the Dropcam flagship product, but is its own last year launched a smart camera NestCam. NestCam and Dropcam clearly not a product, but how can one not stronger than Dropcam. Do not give yourself this clogging it?

Revolv smart home platform, even worse, who do not know, Nest to build intelligent ecosystem, but there is no platform, the acquisition Revolv is not it? But, Revolv is acquired, but as long as the talent outset, Revolv to close. Although Revolv care is a period of time, and ultimately these days hung –Nest completely put it off.

  Google did say that the hardware is not OK, Nest prove we’re right on  Smart Home

After Nest join Google, there have been twice Nest hardware quality look bad sound: one has just been acquired by Google, Nest founder Tony • Fadell is the father Ipod’s, Nest product is guaranteed, but Google is clearly not as good as Apple ; another is the Google free activities to engage in smart home, many people think that Google in the market have a strategy, but it may not ignore the quality of products.

Later it turns out, these two look bad, or there is some truth, at least since Google wealthy married, Nest “smart home field Apple” halo are dimmed. Behind Nest, certainly in terms of the product itself but also a number of problems, as did dazzling.

Google blamed a lot of things is obviously not fair, but after Google acquired Nest, Nest itself is really in trouble, from smoke detectors Nest “recall”, the Nest thermostat at the Black Hat conference in public is compromised, then later Nest thermostat malfunction caused by user woken up at midnight and so on, it seems to be confirmed in the Valley singers Nest “drawn the short straw.”

Google’s smart home is how to seek death?

  Last view Smart Home

Some say that Google acquired Nest, in order to fight against old rival Apple, Nest hard to bear a great responsibility, but undoubtedly Google further open the door to things. But, a little grinding grumble Nest idea is to want to build the brand itself completely around the Nest smart home ecosystem, Dropcam Revolv burn and acquisitions are not receiving the substance, intermediate goods also encountered many problems and strategies on not fatal, but have to say, it is a bit for.

The future is the era of intelligent, smart home will be an integral part of public life, no doubt has great potential, but it is not easy to do the smart home, they might, smart home, said Shen ship sank.