GPRS Modems applications in vending machines

Vending machine is that people pick through their automatic coin machine, independent of time and place restrictions, people can easily and quickly need to buy drinks, food. Vending machines can supplement the lack of human resources, 24 hours unmanned vending systems can more effort and less working capital, has many advantages. This one on the use of GPRS DTU aspects of technology.

In recent years, the rapid spread of vending machines in the country, gradually more and more accepted by consumers. However, due to widely dispersed vending machine, quantity, great inconvenience vending machines in convenience for consumers, but also for the operators in monitoring, management, maintenance and other aspects. Currently all cases vending machines are required to run manually judgment, including shortages, lack of coins, coin box is full, vending machines and other mechanical failure, operator commonly used artificial regular tour inspection of management practices, not only time consuming, but can not Get timely and accurate status reports vending machine, the operator adds to the cost and difficulty of management, it is possible for normal consumption of consumer inconvenience.

So that the vending machine is more intelligent information management more convenient, the new vending machine information management system is to solve this problem, the system uses GPRS wireless communication technology, the current data vending machine operations, including the system state, system failures, feeding channel fault, out of stock, the sales data in the vending machine installed GPRS module wireless transmission to the vending machine network server operations personnel can grasp the information vending machine on any computer networked to achieve vending machine operators and large-scale network management.