GPRS Modems intelligent logistics vehicle system

The goal of building logistics vehicles intelligent management system program is to establish a GPS vehicle dispatch service system, using GPRS communications network and GPS, to achieve real-time scheduling of monitoring vehicle through the car terminal, robbery burglar alarm, vehicle information to the driver to provide services, improve the vehicle Effective utilization, improve security, and the ability to handle emergencies vehicle operation, strengthen the management of vehicles and drivers.

Here the main talking with vehicle location tracking and status in the management center View implementation. To achieve this function, the terminal equipment and the monitoring center, the terminal device wirelessly sends information back to the control center, which then send information to the vehicle through a wireless connection.

Terminal equipment can be used industrial grade USR-GPRS232-730, which is based on global satellite positioning system GPS positioning device (optional Compass), the device uses industrial-grade GPS module, support for serial output RS232 interface or RS485 output interface. It is wide voltage design, power range DC5V to DC18V, car power supply can be powered directly to the device. Usually GPRS streamline data output this information, this information includes the target: longitude, latitude, speed (miles / hour), the direction of motion angle, year, month, hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds, these important messages. This information is sent to the management center through GPRS wireless network management center will be able to receive these messages with the status and position of the vehicle record clear. The scheduling information management center, or some instruction issued corresponding vehicle wireless.

Terminal equipment USR-GPRS232-730, also can be anti-theft alarm, can be set to alarm conditions. For example, a specific time period of the vehicle can not be started, if started, the Centre will receive alarm alerts corresponding to the vehicle driver will receive anti-theft alarm messages; also available at any time to manually activate an alarm when the driver can turn off to rest. Even without timely detection to stop, the center can locate the vehicle in real time, in time to recover.

The completion of the system require relatively low cost, easy to implement, easy to operate. The vehicle management system to improve the management level and efficiency, but also to protect the safety of vehicles.