GPRS module communication in flood season rainfall monitoring system

A few days ago, before the flood comes, through 20 sets of rainfall monitoring system to check debugging, rainfall monitoring system to ensure good condition, science and technology play a role in flood control.

GSM Modules rainfall monitoring system

In recent years, the establishment of railway wireless networking remote weather monitoring system, along the railway in the tube being installed 20 sets of gauges, covering the pipe inner alchemy big, heavy and large seven main stem extension, remote real-time monitoring of rainfall.

To strengthen the situation monitoring function, the official segment of the original system upgrade, using the most technologically advanced and most stable performance industrial grade GPRS wireless communication module, managers have an Internet place, after authorization, you can at any time access to all rainfall data.

It is understood that the new system can automatically update the time gauges terminal monitoring software on the screen can display a small window to view multiple real-time rainfall data, rainfall monitoring personnel can stay at home each line within the regional rainfall data monitoring pipes for scientific basis for flood control to provide accurate data.

Common applications GPRS wireless communication technology

As a remote data communication mode, GPRS wireless communication technology can take advantage of wireless network operators sophisticated system for data transmission. Thus, the reliability and security of data transmission are guaranteed. If not blind GPRS module, it can be transmitted in this way, and the real-time transmission can basically guarantee in seconds.

Currently, GPRS wireless communication module transmission technologies for occasions, including network monitoring, such as the urban heating network, gas, water, sewage and other supervisory control and data acquisition system; remote meter reading system, such as: electricity, water, gas, etc.; remote monitoring and power systems, environmental monitoring systems.