GSM module and tilt sensor tilt tower Online Monitoring Application

In the transmission line tower tilted intelligent monitoring work, often used such GSM / GPRS modules or wireless communication modules, mostly used in various long unattended remote data transmission or monitoring application is very common. For transmission line towers slant-line monitoring system, which is often said that the tower tilt, which is an important monitoring tool. This tower tilt monitoring equipment in addition to built-in tilt sensor and other essential MEMS sensor monitoring module, but also the need to combine the GSM modules or GPRS modules wireless communication module to transmit real-time monitoring data to give timely repair information, effective in preventing accidents caused by inclined tower.

GSM module and tilt sensor tilt tower Online Monitoring Application

Transmission line tower tilt intelligent monitoring equipment installation, data plan

In general, this tower inclinometer system mainly consists of three parts, namely the monitoring component, a processing unit, a transmitting section. Common-line monitoring will be part of the main part built tilt sensor, GSM / GPRS module, wind speed sensor, A / D converters, solar panels and so on.

In practice, through the creation and validation of transmission line conductors tilt angle, a variety of theoretical models of environmental information between the insulator tower tilt angle, temperature, humidity, wind direction, etc., are given inclined tower case, which increases the accuracy of the calculation system .

Generally speaking, the tilt sensor in obtaining tower along the line, the line in both directions after the transverse inclination data, we need to use the GSM / GPRS module communication network real-time transmission of data. After transmission to the monitoring center platform, combined with expert knowledge and various theoretical models given inclined tower case, and given timely repair information.

For example, in the monitoring process, when the tower tilt angle is abnormal, the system will be able to through the GSM / GPRS module 3G wireless communication module, timely alarm information is sent to the monitoring center reminding lines running person in charge to be concerned about the line operating conditions, and take appropriate measures to deal with.