How to Boost the wireless signal strength of cellular router?

In many questions that most came up, there is one common question which is how to boost the wireless signal strength of cellular router. There are many ways to find the best signal on the Internet, but for fixed and network locations, it’s a little different. So here are five tips on how to make sure steady signal of cellular industrial router.

1. Invest the signal fraction of coverage. You can use to check the signal of cellular router, you will know where the signal tower is.

2. Put the antenna in the right place. It is necessary that put the cellular router and antenna in the right place. Look for barrier-free areas, such as Windows, where the router’s signal is strong.

3. Use multi-network, while most phones/tablets don’t have such option, many industrial cellular routers not only have two SIM slots, but also two industrial modem’s that operate two signals and connections independently.

4. Put the cellular router outside.

5. Use signal booster.