How to Choose the High Quality Serial Device Server?

USRIOT specializes in the development and selling of serial networking products for years.Now,USR IOT will tell you how to choose a serial device server of high quality.

It is known to all that a high-quality serial device server can communicate in a long-term and stable way, which can greatly reduce the project maintenance cost. So, how to choose a cost- effective serial device server?


1.Choose a serial device server which supports 10/100Mbps adaptive and AUTO-MDIX.

The advantage is that users do not have to consider using cross cable or normal cable.If choose a serial device server without AUTO-MDIX function, the serial device server will fail to work without proper cable in some environment.Or if Ethernet ports of two serial device server connect directly by using normal cable,serial device server can not work,either. serial device server, supporting 10/100Mbps adaptive,can adapt to more complex network.


2.Pay attention to operation temperature of serial device server

Operation temperature of serial device server can be divided into industrial temperature and commercial temperature. Industrial temperature ranges from -40° to 85°,and commercial temperature ranges from 0° to 70°. If serial device serverneed to work in a poor environment, you can choose a serial device server with industrial operation temperature.


3.Serial Performance

Serial has standard baud rate such as 200,2400,4800,9600,38400 and 115200.However, users will need to input special baud rate in some cases.On this occasion,you should choose a serial device server which can set baud rate freely.

Serial has check bit such as None, Odd, Even, Mark and Space. Some serial device servers do not support Mark and Space,which will cause the serial device server fail to work.


4.Choose a professional manufacturer

Choose a professional serial device server manufacturer with reasonable product price,technical support and good reputation.Jinan USRIOT Technology will be a good choice for you.

USRIOT USR-TCP232-410s serial device server is based on industrial TI Cortex-M4 solution & integrated TCP/IP protocol stack, the serial device server is of rapid speed and high stability. And the serial device server hasindustrial operation temperature. It will be a good choice for you!

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