How to Use 4G Cellular Modem for Asset Tracking

How to use 4G cellular modem for asset tracking?



Use 4G Cellular Modem track valuable assets and create new service opportunities

It is important for business operations to securely track the location and condition of valuable assets. USRIOT's asset tracking solution based on 4G cellular modem makes it much easier to manage your assets, it allows you to remotely track your devices and transportation team, enabling your business to reduce risk, save money, and create new revenue streams.


Use real-time information to manage inventory and improve operations

Here's how some enterprises use asset tracking to influence their bottom lines:

Extract real-time information to make wiser business decisions.

Replace inventory at the right time to maximize profit.

Locate and identify any lost or stolen items to better prevent and recover theft.

Monitor event alerts and take immediate action to minimize negative impacts.

Provide new services to customers, such as proactively replenishing spare parts or materials.



Use real-time asset information to improve customer service.

USRIOT provides IoT solutions for asset tracking, enabling the establishment of an exclusive asset tracking platform through 4G digital terminal devices and transparent-transmission cloud platforms.