Huawei / Xiaomi / Haier / Jingdong smart home field of power

From the domestic smart home platform body point of view, there are three main categories: mobile phone manufacturers, millet, Huawei representatives (two play is not the same); the traditional home appliance manufacturer, Haier, represented; Internet companies, Jingdong represented. These categories have focused on the subject, who is your food products to us carefully.


Tyrant: Xiaomi

Let’s look at the hardware and software platform is almost single-handedly trying to “Tyrant” in a series of actions:

1, a continuous release TV millet, millet boxes, routers, smart socket, bracelet, purifiers and other single product.

2, invested in major appliances such as the United States, while the layout of the smart home health care investment. Lei Jun said that the future will invest even more than 100 intelligent hardware company.

3, millet jointly push real estate apartments, whereby the display millet smart home.

4, the establishment of millet home improvement company, low cost package decoration to users own smart home products.

5, the introduction of smart home smart things internet.

Tyrant That pattern greatest advantage the right to speak, to the platform that reflects a high degree of control, hardware and software to quickly coordinate the interests of all parties, can create the ultimate user experience. But the problem is in the platform ecosystem is not big enough, when this model is to rely on self burn all the way, but also easy to offend colleagues, more difficult to attract partners to build together.


For newcomers living on: Huawei

Smart home is a major key pain point is interoperability, in which the communication protocol plays an important role, is the battleground. (This is simply the middle you play into the hands ah.) Huawei late start, but the positioning is most clear: the only thing you’re good at – trying to promote home was associated with “Putonghua”, so after admission Huawei wants to achieve agreement with Hilink on the “predecessors” of the counter-attack. For the unfamiliar appliance business, Huawei has made it clear that it would not compete. (We’re not selling appliances !!!)

Huawei / millet / Haier / Jingdong smart home field of power

In connection agreement, Huawei communications background, an advantage. Core capabilities include open HiLink agreement, Huawei LiteOS system and Huawei networking chip, HiLink can automatically discover the device and a key connection. Compatible with millet using ZigBee, as well as WiFi and Bluetooth protocols.

This is to build the infrastructure in the field of intelligent home. Although just starting, currently we have Haier, Midea, Skyworth and Huawei and other 60 enterprises in hand. Small series can not help feeling this is simply a necessity, that the level of private domestic technology industry, this joint arrangement, only Huawei have the strength to do. After all, I Huawei large financial investment in research is even higher than the sum of A shares in 400 companies.


Traditional home appliance giant self-help: Haier

Traditional home appliance industry self-help, in the era of smart home, Haier is the industry’s self-transformation model (small series that is of course the most qualified when the “frog starts with” candidates). Early in 2000, Haier Group CEO Zhang Ruimin in Davos to participate in the economy after the meeting had said, “Let’s beat satisfaction” that business “does not OCS, it is death.”

Huawei / millet / Haier / Jingdong smart home field of power

Haier U + to develop a set of software products to connect their own agreement first, and then let the other manufacturers to join its ecosystem through open protocols. Now it has opened up cloud data, intelligent hardware, APP and other interfaces to partners.

Haier as the older capital, capital sufficient, products rich traditional hardware vendors that have a strong appeal and relatively large user base in the appliance industry. Overall, the most interesting hardware manufacturers to join the platform. However, because of the low control platform, many participants, it is difficult to meet the user to grasp the integrity of the smart home, perhaps Haier to overcome a problem.


Sleight of hand tricks: Jingdong

Jingdong JD +, simply is “sleight of hand tricks” model thing. That is capable of low-cost carriers, but if the platform really do it, the platform side benefit is huge. Investment Broadlink, released JD + program and Jingdong intelligent cloud, and has launched the intelligent manipulation of different hardware “Super App”, generally are based on the introduction of software-based platform, and called on partners to join its own investment is relatively small.

Huawei / millet / Haier / Jingdong smart home field of power

However, Jingdong smart home platform, highlights small, mainly with their own sales channels advantage, to win over partners. The biggest advantage of this platform is the ability to build a better distribution of benefits mode.


The most likely future belongs to which model?

Future smart home capacity will trillion or more, so each model will have a living space. However, the most perfect pattern is: do the best quality millet intelligent product platform ecosystem, independence is best; Haier most professional segment platform; Jingdong occupy the largest market share, while the average number of participants; and all this Huawei will prove Putonghua to teach well, and a platform for exchange between devices up to more smoothly accessibility.

Lei Jun said, to do business, “the friend made a lot of confused a bit of the enemy,” then how did you do it? Millet outset hardware and software approach itself both mature and intelligent products, and more Jinshan cloud platform has the background, it can be said, even if no partner millet home can also provide a complete home circle. The open interface to other hardware vendors, help enrich the product line. This semi-open semi-enclosed nature that the white cake and want to have both, but more cautious than lack of courage embodied it.

Huawei / millet / Haier / Jingdong smart home field of power

Haier U + platform is currently the largest partner platform, showing great Haier appliance industry influence. On the other hand, U + heavy burden, which itself is a bearer appliance industry transformation and upgrading of traditional tasks, improvement of the existing household electrical appliances, sound, and when the real touch to the fundamental interests of the appliance industry when it is difficult to promote. Plus millet platform than to loose control of the organization, conservative forecast, if they leave the platform Haier appliance industry, will not have much advantage, it is better to do only home appliance industry intelligence platform.

Jingdong JD + platform is very typical asset-light, Internet-based business model, Haier has neither a heavy burden hardware, this is also not easy millet and partners create conflicts of interest. So, if the platform side can have excellent software development, the model will go the fastest. But Jingdong many competitors, Google, Baidu, Tencent have joined, or will become the mainstream model, but the profit model will also be difficult to determine.

The above insight into the pros and cons of Huawei so look for other ways to select partners to build a complete open ecosystem, which put more competitors into a partner. On the whole, whether it is a clear positioning in the smart home, or the introduction of core products, Huawei glory & well aware of their strengths and weaknesses, it is possible to fully open mind straighten posture, which is representing Apple, Google, millet advantage The place.

Really wish such as Xiao Bian Huawei life sitting on the throne of winner it? Although Huawei conference the same day, Haier, Midea, Changhong announced that more than 40 companies joined Huawei in camp, but the fact is, “Platform” easy, real industry alliance still needs time, while Huawei’s ability to perform the “Putonghua ambassador”, on to the time to verify it.